Please submit questions regarding the application process or issues with submission using the Contact Us form. This application is also available as a downloadable PDF. Refer to the submission options listed within the form to submit a PDF or printed version of the application.

Applicant Information

Primary Contact (For Matters Related to This Application)

Purpose of the Application

Description of the Request

As a reminder, items normally provided by a law enforcement agency in the course of its mission are not included in this program; for example, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, radios, and other standard-issue items.

(The total amount requested by an agency, through one or multiple applications, cannot exceed $150,000.)

Post-Award Activities

Does the agency agree to provide:

  • Documentation regarding purchased items, such as invoices, quotes, order confirmations, proof of delivery, and confirmation of receipt?

  • Appropriate training to agency staff members on any equipment purchased that would necessitate training to ensure its appropriate use (e.g., license plate readers)?

  • Follow-up information, when requested, for reporting purposes regarding implementation of the funded items?


  • Do you verify that the size of the population your agency provides services to is 100,000 or less?

  • I hereby certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false statement may disqualify the agency from receiving an award.

Person Completing the Application (If Different Than Primary Contact)

File Upload